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September 17, 2013

Last Week I Wrote for Others

There were no blog posts last week because it was a week of writing press releases for clients, and writing articles for other blogs and publications, which always delights me.

Here’s one of them. Thanks for the space, Charpo!

Sunday Feature: Sue Edworthy on Collaborating With the Audience

What if we let them in the door…
Something I’ve been insistent about my companies doing lately is letting people in the door. And giving an audience member time to prep and learn about the show/actors/designers. Giving the opportunity and maybe a bit more well, before they hope to learn about a show by trying to read a program in 9 pt font with the house at half and a friend offering them gum. (I’m kidding; the gum offer comes halfway through the first act). Read more…

Loved writing this.

Proved it true on Sunday. I had two meetings with Modern Times – one to discuss the video trailer we want to make, the next to discuss online and print collateral. So me, Soheil the director, Marco the filmmaker, Sue the designer.
I took two photos with my phone. Candids – one of Soheil and Marco talking, one of Soheil and Sue talking and looking at images.
I posted them on the MT Facebook page with the captions “Double design meetings today – first video with Soheil and P Marco Veltri…” and “followed by design meeting #2 – poster, postcard and online images with Sue Balint!”.

Two candids, two sentences.

– 2 new page likes (without soliciting)
– post reach up 1.6%
– total post reach up 190% (not a typo)
– engagement up 107%

All we did was open a door to let people know something was happening.

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