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May 2, 2013

Applications for the 100, and I visit HotDocs

before we go any further

he 1000

And also Dora Awards set date, hosts, new categories

Now then.

Spent yesterday at HotDocs chaperoning a class from Sir Oliver Mowat  – this is the third time I’ve gotten to spend time with these kids and I like them more and more – smart, curious, askers of good questions. Congrats again Mrs. Morton on these fine folks.
We saw Pussy Riot: a punk prayer and Crash Reel – highly recommend both of them.

Pussy Riot was more than I expected, a great deal of balance on documenting both sides of the story, particularly why the church they protesting in was so important to the community. Balance may seem to be an odd word when referring to an Orthodox priest saying that the definition of pussy is “deranged uterus”, but there you go.

I hadn’t heard of Crash Reel, it’s the story of Kevin Pearce, the snowboarder who suffered a severe brain trauma and the story of his recovery. Worth seeing.

Also worth mentioning is the overall awesomeness of the volunteers we encountered yesterday, so I hopped up to their headquarters yesterday to tell them so. Congrats HotDocs, you’ve got great people herding hundreds of students in an orderly fashion.
Into the day. I’m off to be the voice at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards tonight, and a reminder that it’s the 9th anniversary show and sale for The Mad Craft Shoppe this weekend.

December 28, 2012

2012 Round-up Part Two

Yesterday was about the top ten posts y’all read the most. Today is about what went on in 2012 that mattered to me. By the way, I’m doing this one because I saw the Facebook “Year in Review”  – A look at your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories and was strangely unmoved by its contents. I guess I didn’t share my biggest moments properly. Anyway.

Number of interviews/articles –  2
an interview on being the Producer of Proud with Live with Culture, and a first person article for Charlebois Post on marketing. It’s still the most-read article for the month of December. Which is  extremely cool.

Number of workshops –  7
#Consultancy – Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence Social Media for ArtistsCompass Camp Workshop,  Tools For Your Tools: Social Media Workshop for artists Technological Innovation: On and Off the Stage Shopping, Gossip, Trends and Friends – How Women are Shaping the Social Media Landscape and Parkdale Connected.

Number of Arts Marathons  1 
see – Art Is Too Expensive and There’s Nothing to Do Anyway
I had a blast doing my marathon, and even though it wasn’t in the top ten clicked on posts, it was the one that generated the most in-person conversation. I might do it again.

Number of Political Days 3
Day at the Hill in Ottawa (October), Day at the City here in Toronto (November), City Hall Deputations (December).
Politicians spoken to about the importance of Arts and Culture:
Senators 1, MPs 1 City Councillors 4.

Number of Field Trips and Guest Speaker Engagements 3
The visual arts students from Jarvis Collegiate, the Media Arts Class from Sir Oliver Mowat, the theatre students from George Brown – thank you all for being bright and talented and relieving me a bit about the future.

Corin Raymond has raised over $6000.00 in the Great Canadian Tire Money Caper. I am utterly impressed and proud to know him, both for his musical talent and business acumen.

Memorable Books Read
The Art of Racing In The Rain, Counting New Beans, Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers, The Master Butchers Singing Club, No Culture, Before I Go To Sleep, The Power of Why, Crossing the Continent, The Cocktail Waitress.

Some of My Favourite Posts: just four. If you’d like five, then you can pick one too.

Things Cost Time and Money, Quit Devaluing Both

Cook a Meal. Do Laundry. Experience Art.

Testing Your Website in more ways than one

The Future of The Non-Profit Arts

Sunday Roundup this week will look a little wonky and full. And I’ll do some client-related highlights on Monday. And then it’s a New Year – we can talk about that when it gets here. Like, next week.

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