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October 21, 2012

Sunday Round-up October 21

The week after Proud closed was a heck of a week of meetings with folks and included a presentation and a workshop both in one day. And this week I’ll be participating in Arts Day on Parliament Hill and putting together the info for a workshop on the 7th for Arts Consultants Canada.



The Theatres They Are a`Changin

Burger Broads, Antigone and Stratford makes me Smile

Arts Advocacy and Girls without Hats and a Pentimento Salon

Great week. Next week I`ll tell you all about the Pentimento Salon, and how an apple box nearly upstaged the final presentation. It`s also fall and cooling off out there and everyone seems to have that “the weather’s changing” tickly cough. Put your scarves on.

October 14, 2012

Sunday Round-up October 14

Some days in the office at home, some days  on the Island, paperwork and organizing for the next rounds of new clients and workshops and STUFF.

Cool Stuff Over and Under the Ground

Other People Might Not Know This

This week brings a sea of potential new client meetings, all of which I’m happy about. It also brings a double workshop day on the 17th: I’ll spend part of my morning talking to a friend’s George Brown class about Indie Producing, and finish the day giving a workshop at Parkdale Library on social media for artists. Wonderful stuff.

Off to Ottawa next week to participate  in Arts Day On Parliament Hill.

I’m also working on a social media strategy for Young Associates, and we’re turning that into a webinar on Nov 7th. Details coming.

And speaking of the Parkdale Library they have a visual art exhibit on called Young Voices and the deadline for the 2013 applications is coming up. Check it out. The photo above is not great but I was balancing books and trying to take the picture and the drawing was up high and well, you get it.

Have a good Sunday, whether you are marathoning on the streets or cooking in your kitchen or deep in a book.

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