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December 2, 2013

two good articles from theatre practitioners – and who finished the coffee?

Read a couple of articles this weekend by Michael Wheeler – Storytelling in the immediate –  and Jacob ZimmerPolicy, politics, Rhubarb

from Storytelling:

“A character on stage may look back and tell a story — but that character continues to live in the present, in a time that’s defined as “right now” by the very play he or she inhabits (a “right now” that we, as spectators, are allowed to imagine we share, simply because we share an actual “right now” with the actor playing the character). So that, in a large-ish nutshell, is my conceptual beef: theatre can’t tell stories, because stories are always necessarily retrospective. And theatre isn’t about the past. It’s about the present.”

What I have noted recently, is a number of shows that are not performed by ‘characters’, but the actual people who created or are creating the narrative.

From Policy (and you can read the backstory here)

In negotiation, we’re well advised to find mutual shared interest and work towards a solution that benefits all parties.

This is not a negotiation. It is a debate, where multiple sides are appealing to a “third” party (people who vote) to declare a winner. We can be sad about this state of our politics but we shouldn’t be naive about the strategies being used by the other side.

Have a read of both – they both make excellent points and give you something to think about.

Coffee! I found this infographic the other day and was not surprised my profession was on the list, but that it was so high. I also need to meet some scientists – apparently they’re awake as well.



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