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December 1, 2013

Sunday Roundup December 1

December 1. Well there it is.

It’s the 2014 Fringe Lottery Party – live from the Tranzac! excellent lottery party this year – click here for a gallery of some of the lucky winners and mini interviews.

Fringe Lottery Results,  a place to make art, a different way to look at art

All Up In Your Secret Santa still time to do this version of Secret Santa where folks in need actually get something they want instead of you having to find space for a new coffee mug.

$3.6 million does not equal $6 million. Ten years later – still waiting. Get in touch with your City Councillor.


November 28, 2013

All Up In Your Secret Santa

secret_santa_2_postcard-r0b279048ce5e43de80e2b94e1a0807aa_vgbaq_8byvr_324(Yes I know it’s the 28th but things get planned earlier and earlier and I wanted to tell you this so maybe you could do it.)

Secret Santa! Where a group of friends or colleagues or staff at an organization pull names out of a hat and then you buy something for the person whose name you drew and you all exchange gifts at the staff holiday party. There’s usually a price cap, like twenty bucks. And sometimes you get cool stuff and sometimes you think, “do you – know –  me?” or “Another mug-hairband-scarf-candy-etc.”  Point is – it’s more stuff that you may not want and quite possibly don’t need.  And Turtles, though delicious, do not require a lot of thought.

Better idea. And I know it’s a better idea because an org I was at did it years ago and it still makes me happy and I tell people they should do it too.

Traditional Secret Santa to start in that there was a price cap of twenty bucks and we did draw names. What made it different was each name came with a number next to it. Why the number? This is where it got cool. It was an age. So you were still going to get the person a gift, but you needed to get something they would have liked at that age.
Then at the staff party all the gifts were exchanged, Secret Santas were outed and then the next day, we took everything down to the toy drive. They were THRILLED.

RIGHT?? Let’s recap on the coolness of this:

1) do not need to think of something to buy a colleague that they might not want or need;
2) it is SO much more fun to shop for a toy or a cool teen gift then hemming around the gift basket section which is usually a disaster-y madhouse;
3) when is the last time you got to excitedly open a present that was a TOY, and be genuinely excited and wondery as to what it was?
4) giving to the toy drive. Feeling good that some folks will get something for Christmas.

I HIGHLY recommend this for any sort of Secret Santa-y things you might be doing, if you do one. Just writing this post made me smiley and happy and the event was four years ago. BTW I got a fantastic pink diary with an electronic password lock for all my writings. Perfect gift for Sue, aged 13.



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