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September 19, 2013

Today’s The unconference!


Off to the AGO in a couple of hours for the Small Wooden Shoe unconference! Details later next week on how it was. I am super excited to see who’s there and what we’ll talk about.

In the meantime – from Seven Sentences – it’s extremely appropriate for our world, I think, and for me. This week I’ve just cleared a three-day migraine in time for the unconference which delights me. The migraine did not, as there were still clients to work with plus two nights of teaching and press releases to send out and proposals to write and ideas to dream up and execute despite the truly foul pain taking over my head. Anyway!

Why You Are Still Incredible Even When You Feel Like Poop

Incredible doesn’t always feel good.

Being incredible is often a dirty, filthy business; people don’t always understand your desire or need for excellence.

Mud will most likely be thrown at the brave soul who dares to step out of the trenches.

Boldness, bravery and courage seldom feel good at the time, we’re usually wracked with fear BUT we simply choose to do it anyway.

That’s what makes you incredible, not the “feelings” that you may or may not have, but the hard choices you make in-spite of your feelings.

Brave souls change things. Keep being incredible.

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