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November 20, 2012

It’s Tuesday

(I can’t think of a good title. I’m not going to force it)

TAPA AGM yesterday, always good to see other member folks and say hi and catch up. Jim Roe FTW in the category of Best Other Business ever.

Also, the Theatre Development Fund has launched the TDF Theatre Dictionary – a video guide to “theatre lingo” by TDF and theatre companies from across North America, the video on how to use it is below, and here’s the link to the dictionary.

I’m starting work with Small Print Toronto this afternoon, they are a fantastic company and I am excited to be part of helping them move to the next level of being the awesome org they are.

All for now! – Also this is interesting, and probably true.

November 11, 2012

SundayRoundup – Nov 11 – Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day today, and I wanted to do a new slide show but my system is being glitchy. Here’s a story or two for you, and the link to the last slideshow.

My father Lt. Commander Charles Allison Stirling was a Lt. Commander in the Canadian navy, serving in the North Atlantic for most of the war.He was the Lt. Commander of the following Canadian corvette which was responsible for capturing the German sub. He told us how shocked he was when the crew emerged , how very young they were and suffering from malnutrition. The captain of the German ship gave my dad a pair of very hi-tech night vision binoculars from Germany.Eventually after serving his time in the Canadian prisoner of war camp in Penatanguishine,he returned to  Germany and after five years, the German captain emigrated to Canada.

from my Dad’s WWII diary November 1943, he was a wireless op/gunner on PBY Catalina Flying Boats: “We are flying again now and working as hard as I have for a long time. Have been on a detachment to Liberville in French Equatorial Africa and from there to Banana in Belgian Congo. At Liberville we slept in tents and were bitten by everything under the sun. There’s no news of our going home as yet so guess we’ll be here for ages and ages yet…. We were called out at midnight to do a trip, landed this morning, did 9 hrs. Came to mess for chop and slept all day. Went down to Sgts. mess and got stinko, crawled to bed about 1 or 2.”

Lest we forget.

Day In America, Day At The City, Where Are the Senior Managers?

Big Night Last Night

Day on the Hill, Day at the City, Office Concerts and more



August 2, 2012

New Dora Rules and Where you Can Find out About Them


I went to a Dora Orientation session yesterday to learn about the changes to the way it works. From the TAPA blog:

2012/13 Dora Orientation Sessions, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts

For the past 22 months, the Dora Review Committee underwent a detailed process to review the Dora Awards that involved a series of consultations with TAPA members, and various town halls, to achieve a renewed Dora Awards Program in order to meet the changing needs of the membership.  The TAPA membership voted this past March in favour of the expansion to the Dora Mavor Moore Awards from 35 award categories to 48 award categories. As announced these changes have taken effect for the current 2012-13 Dora year. Whether you are a long-time or brand new member of TAPA, you should definitely attend one of these meetings to ensure that your company understands the changes, as well as the new rules and regulations.   read the rest.

You should go. A heck of a lot of work went into this review. Thank you to the TAPA team, the committee and the folks who attended the Town Halls.


July 8, 2012

Sunday Roundup July 8


Five days into Fringe and we might get a respite from the heat. Other than that, what was last week like?

What’s In YOUR Fringe Bag? – Popular post as we go through my purse to see what gets me through a day of Fringing!

Fringe Has Opened and Social Media as Yearbook – Gotta love an infographic.

Kids Today – two great videos, one for the TAPA Hiptix Initiative, and one from the Fringe 100.


The Grid has created a fantastic all things Fringe map – click here for a look-see.

I’m off to see shows, see friends and hang out at the tent. If you’re still not sure what to see, the reviews are pouring in and you can check NOW, torontoist, or Mooney on Theatre for some ideas. Or you could look at the poster wall pictured above. Too small to read? Then come on down in person!

Happy Sunday!



July 6, 2012

Kids Today! Youth Invasion and What`s YOUR Fringe Flavour?

At the Doras on the 25th of June there was red carpet camera work happening with the shooting of the premiere video in the  hipTIX Youth Invasion Video Series. It`s  celebrating a new partnership between TAPA and, is hosted by Toronto youth Thomas Orwen-Goldhar and Devin Cecchetto and filmed by 17-year-old Shane Feldman, Check it out!


And if you`ve been paying attention the last few weeks, you`ll know I am completely enamoured of the Fringe 100. They`ve created their inaugural video for the festival which is as cool and refreshing and perfect for summer as possible. Nice hustle guys!

December 1, 2011

A Message From Friends of the Arts Re: 2012 Toronto City Budget Recommendations

Hello all,
Yes I have my own platform and today  I will use it.
By now you know that the 2012 budget recommendations include a 10% cut to arts grants. This affects you possibly directly, or possibly indirectly.  But it does affect you.
This affects the theatre company that gets the sponsorship that puts on the play  that the actor performs in that the designer designs that writes the original music that requires a program that needs the headshots that buys the advertising that takes transit to the theatre that has a drink after the show that pays the babysitter that gives the reviewer something to write about that launches the playwright’s career – and they all live in the house that art built.
I ask that you do three things:
1) read the post
2) forward, share, repost, retweet the post.
A Message From Friends of the Arts
The budget brought forward  on November 28 recommends a 10% cut to arts grants totaling $1.94 million.  Budget deputations will be heard on December 7 and 8, and the final budget will be approved by City Council on January 17.

Friends of the Arts and its 20,000 supporters from every Ward calls on all City Councillors to support sustained investment in grants to artists and arts organizations in the 2012 budget.

The impact of a $1.94 million cut (10%) to arts grants will be extremely serious for Toronto residents, arts organizations and artists while offering very little short-term savings for the City’s bottom line.  It will directly cause:

  • Reduced investment in Toronto:  for every $1 granted by the City, $17.75 is raised from other sources in support of arts organizations.  If a 10% cut were applied to Toronto’s arts organizations (large and small) it would translate into a $25 million loss of investment in Toronto, affecting jobs, performances, festivals and exhibitions.
  • Fewer arts projects in neighbourhoods across the city:  TAC currently supports 250 arts projects annually with grants totaling just over $1 million.
  • Fewer individual artists will receive support: TAC currently supports 200 individual artists including writers, composers, visual and media artists with grants totaling just over $1 million.

Over 20,000 Torontonians from every ward in the City have signed the Friends of the Arts petition, calling on Toronto City Councillors to maintain investment in the arts.

In May 2011, Toronto City Council voted unanimously in favour of the Creative Capital Gains report recommending increased support for the arts to $25 per capita.

The current recommendation would reduce the city’s support for the arts to just $17 per capita, much less than competitive North American cities.

Arts and culture are essential to Toronto’s economy, generating $9 billion every year. The city achieves this economic return on a relatively small arts investment.

130,000 people work in the sector – and many more depend on related businesses, including those in hospitality and tourism.

Toronto’s arts scene is a big part of what makes Toronto a great place to live, work and visit – yet Toronto invests less in the arts than other major cities; City Council has been working to change that, and it must stay the course.


Friends of the Arts is a network of arts supporters including the following organizations:  Arts Vote Toronto, Arts Etobicoke,, Business for the Arts, Creative Trust, Lakeshore Arts, Scarborough Arts, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Toronto Arts Foundation, Urban Arts.

Here’s the official budget document if you’re so inclined.

September 15, 2011

BftA/TAF Press Conference


I attended the Toronto Arts Foundation/Business for the Arts press conference today at Roy Thomson Hall.  Heather Bellingham of Mooney on Theatre has already posted an excellent article which you can read here.

In case you didn’t know already, we surpassed 10,000 signatures on the Friends of the Arts Petition. Keep forwarding, keep signing – it’s not over yet.

You should also take a wander over to the Toronto Arts Foundation website – specifically the advocacy section to find out what’s being done and what’s doing, and what you can do.

I’m not so good with the live tweeting, but I did my best under @sueedworthy using #artsupporter.  So here are some tweets for you to enjoy.



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