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April 16, 2012

#beans and counting new ones

I went to a fantastic presentation today – COUNTING NEW BEANS: INTRINSIC IMPACT AND THE VALUE OF ART  by Clayton Lord, Director of Communications and Audience Development for Theatre Bay Area. He’s also the editor of the brand new book, Counting New Beans: Intrinsic Impact and the Value of Art, (which I will definitely be purchasing) and author of the New Beans blog at which I will definitely be following.

Here’s the link to the Intrinsic Impact site.

I tweeted during the event, mostly the questions that were being asked, as well as some interesting comments and  answers. It’s #beans if you’re interested. Lots of bigger picture things to think about:

When the art is the best it can be, you become inarticulate, it’s impossible to describe. #beans

Anecdotes vs numbers – should these things exist in tandem? The numbers always win. #beans

How do we make the unmeasurable measurable? “if you can describe something, you can measure it.”  #beans

How and when and where is it important to audiences to “prepare” for an artistic experience? #beans

Great inspirational stuff. It’s been a good week of things like this, from Simon Brault’s plenary, to Tim Jones’ challenges to us, and now counting new beans.

I have lots to think about. And a lot of work to do. Gonna go do both.

TOMORROW: A post dedicated to all things Fringe.




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