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November 28, 2011

a tale as old as time, a 30’s style salon and our national anthem

(work with me – they all have something in common)

Last Friday night I was at Pentimento Gallery for the first in what I hope is a series of salon/cabarets put on by the owner John Rait. What better place to have a salon that an intime gallery with gorgeous art on the walls (Troy Brooks’ Collosus was showing – unbelievably beautiful work, and virtually sold out). A small bar in the corner, a handsome mustachioed man named Carl  pouring drinks – what better way to spend a Friday evening, surrounded by artists, art and their friends and colleagues?

The 1164 Cabaret began. If you’d like to see me freeze stock-still at a cabaret, please feel free to start off with the theme song from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast.  Thoughts included, “I’m never coming east of Yonge again” “what does one SAY in a Tweet about this?” and “JOHN! What have you gotten me into???

She was kidding. of course she was kidding, why on earth didn’t I trust John and more importantly, the fantastic Jane Ford!

The evening was a blast – very simple, very fun – we were treated to a few songs by Jane (which she writes, BTW) a fantastic stand up comedienne (the mayonnaise bit had me whooping), more music from Jane and a reading of a fantastic children’s story by a man named Greg (who looked suspiciously like Karl sans mustache).  Just little teasers of art to get you into the mood.

Break.  I love intermission – you find out who will drink more, who smokes, who wants to chat vs check their phone,  who’s with who and what they are doing there. I met several brand new people, all involved in art in some way, had a great chat about artists and our ilk with a fantastic photographer (check out her work!) and sat back down for Act Two.

Jane again, singing and pattering – her songs are beautiful and some are  hysterically funny (Don’t Bring Joan had me killing myself laughing) and next up were Tawdry Audrey and Mr. Scruffy – the talented Tracey Hoyt with songs and patter. After a few more songs from Tracey came Al – a young man who had been doing sound all evening and as it turns out is a singer/songwriter himself. His set-up involved a bit of a changeover and as we whispered restlessly to each other, two words came from the mustachioed bartender:

Ohhhh, Caaaa-na-DAAAA

The entire audience was there for “our home”, someone hissed, “we should be standing” and the audience was on its feet for the singing of our national anthem while Al finished his set-up.

Four words for you about Al – that boy can SING. I think Jane spoke for all of us when she said she’d be tearing down her Justin Bieber poster that night.

Jane finished off the night with a few more songs and a loudly requested encore – I will say that the inaugural 1164 Cabaret was a rousing success with music and art and people you want to meet and talk to more.

I asked John if he’d be doing more of them, he hopes to have them monthly – the gallery is small, holding only about 30 people for an audience so it’s an exclusive evening. I don’t know how you get on the invite list – but I highly recommend you do.

Reminder: It’s Budget Day. That is all.



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