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November 13, 2011

Sunday Roundup – November 13

So many things hit critical mass this week, so there were only a couple of blog posts.

Last week was the halfway mark for Entrepreneuse School  – Monday our Sales Plans and Marketing Presentations are due which means we are speeding towards the end of classes.

Lest we Forget – a Slideshow of Loved Ones – I spent the week requesting images of loved ones who fought for our country – I think the images and stories I received speak for themselves.
Remembrance Day is a hot button issue for many people – some feel it is a time to remember those who sacrificed, some feel it is a glorification of war, some feel it remembers only soldiers and not those who were the victims. I can understand each point of view. What I am remembering on Remembrance Day is the senselessness of war, that so many had to give so much to right the wrongs of so few. I remember them all – those who volunteered to fight, those who were conscripted into fighting a war they may not have agreed with, and those who sadly and simply, got caught in the middle of the horror of  it all. I do not wish to see Remembrance Day as a divider between them and us, you and me, who suffered more, who gave up less, who was honoured and who was not. I think anyone who has had to sacrifice anything of themselves in such a conflict has paid a price we cannot co-opt, we cannot even begin to imagine.  I think it is an insult to their memory to even try to do so.  The very fact we can discuss and disagree is a testament to all their sacrifices. I will not argue about it. I will remember them all.

Little Pea’s Revolution hit the stage at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City – very pleased to have worked with the folks on this show – Ms. Quigley is a very talented performer and who doesn’t love a sound design by Lyon Smith?

Stratical Theatre‘s inaugural workshop production of The Dumbwaiter opened last week and continues running through November 20th – I highly recommend that you see it. A nice bonus – live musical guests each night before the presentation. Another group I’m delighted to work with in my role of Associate “no, you can’t do that, sorry” Producer.

Control over Destiny Jewellery Designs gears up for its Annual Holiday Show and Sale on the 19th of November – take a wander over to the event page to see the fantastical creations up for sale.

Mighty Brave Productions is headed to Phoenix, AZ to shoot a video in the middle of the desert. Cannot wait to see it.

Bonus link – How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule
It’s easy to get into social media for the wrong reasons and to post too much or too little. Here’s how to balance out your social media efforts.

And Artscape has a brand spankin’ new website and it is fan-flippin-tastic.

Life is good folks, enjoy it.


November 6, 2011

Sunday Roundup – November 6

A lot of things happening this week, let’s get to what happened, and then I’ll let you in on what’s gonna happen.

I hate nickel and diming   – a sort of guest post from a chat with a friend on the fact that sometimes spending a few dollars on your event is better than spending too much time.

Holiday Shopping in Movember – link to the beginning of shows by local artisans  – buy local art and get the satisfaction of one of a kind gifts coupled with the idea that the holiday season is not owned by corporations.

Libraries and Bikes and Theatres – a library survey, a have you had your bike stolen survey and a notice about public consultations regarding the three city-owned theatres.

Artful Management and are you and Innie or an Outie? – post from Creative Trust on how your org’s admin should reflect the artistic product, and a great infographic on inbound and outbound marketing.

Saturday Bonus – CDAP – the TD Bank is supporting the Toronto Fringe’s latest endeavour – the Culturally Diverse Artists Project.

Busy week. What’s coming up?

By the time you read this, Little Pea’s Revolution will be ready to take a trip to the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York.

And Stratical Theatre will be in the thick of rehearsals for its inaugural production – a workshop of Pinter’s The Dumbwaiter.

And Control over Destiny Jewelry Design will be prepping for its annual Holiday Show and Sale.

And I will be working with them all and ever-so-pleased to be doing so. Have a great Sunday!


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