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February 20, 2013

Three Directors Talk Back and Baby’s First Opening

Tonight’s post performance for 4.49 Psychosis is not just worth seeing for the show, but staying to hear directors Vikki Anderson, Brendan Healy and Jennifer Tarver discuss what it’s like working in Kane’s worlds. Moderated by J. Kelly Nestruck.
Some tickets still available: 416-368-3110 or
Can’t make it? You can post your questions on the Necessary Angel FB page, or tweet with #4.48psychosis

My Communications Coordinator Lisa continues  blog posting for the company. Read on.


Baby’s First Opening!

Toronto-20130214-00538Last Thursday marked the opening of4.48 Psychosis at the Berkley, as well as my first opening with Sue! The night, with the exception of a terrifying taxi ride to the theatre*, ran very smoothly… We arrived at the Berkley early to set up the press kits. Medical charts and candy hearts decorated our media table and personalized pill bottles awaited the reviewers. As people started pouring into the space they stopped to say hi to Sue and she made sure to introduce me as well. I’m always hearing about how small the Toronto arts scene is, how everyone knows everybody else, but had never really witnessed it until 4.48’s opening. There were lots of hugs and European-style cheek kisses. One day I will master the double cheek kiss, instead of just making squeaky noises into people ears. (Unless that’s what you’re supposed to do?)

I met Jon Kaplan, who I’d been emailing with earlier in the week (rookie mistake: I sent a press release to listings@____, guys if you want to post an event, don’t do that) as well as a couple others who I’d seen around the Comedy Bar many times but had never officially met. And I was reunited with the Tarragon’s Renna Reddie who I hadn’t seen since we met at improv camp over a decade ago!

Once all the introductions were finished and everyone had grabbed their kits I was free to find a seat in the quickly filling theatre. I found a one high on the left side and was able to look upon the faces of the audience. There were so many that I now recognized… and many more to get to know. After the show finished Sue and I spent some time talking with a few more people and I met Lisa Walter whose work was on display in the foyer of Berkley. It wasn’t a formal introduction. I accidentally photobombed a photo she took. I guess it’s one way to meet people. Though next time I think I’ll stick to the “Hi, I’m Lisa” routine.

On the cab ride home Sue and I agreed that it was a great opening. I was happy to have seen the thought-provoking show. It brings you into a world fraught with mental instability and challenges you to reside there until the play’s close. The movement to break the silence and stigma around mental health issues has been growing, and I believe Sarah Kane‘s play helps do this. Go see it… Sue and I won’t be there to welcome you with charts and candy hearts, but I’m sure there’ll be someone you know there or someone to introduce yourself to… through a photobombs or handshakes, whichever you prefer.

4.48 Psychosis runs until Feb. 23!

*it was a terrifying cab ride, although irritating would be my choice of words. Between GPS and Pearly’s, I need a driver to know where he’s going. Still, major props to you for hailing – that ability is a huge bonus point for me. – se

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